Author: Puvaneswari Narayanasamy

Soham Meditation Workshop 0

Soham Meditation Workshop

This is the 2nd Soham Meditation Workshop conducted after 2 years by SSBC Taman Sri Muda on 23rd February 2019. 50 SSIO members from Taman Sri Muda and other centres including 7 non Sai...

Colouring Contest 0

Colouring Contest

The Education wing of the Nilai Bhajan Unit held a colouring contest for the SSE children on the 27 January 2019. The turnout was exceptionally good with 25 parents and 55 children. The total...

Meditation Retreat at Fraser’s Hill 0

Meditation Retreat at Fraser’s Hill

A soham meditation retreat was organised from the 8th – 10th Dec 2018, where 29 SSIO members and 1 non SSIO member attended at a resort in Fraser’s Hill. This year with the Divine...