It is an Educare program that helps define the role of Parents in current times. It uses the Inside Out Approach, and its focus is on Parents; guiding them to access their innate wisdom, empowering them with the ability and confidence to respond to any issue arising in Parenthood. Through PARENTCARE, healthy lifestyles are promoted, subtle energies appreciated, minds managed, creativity nurtured, and the Child-Parent intuitive connection enhanced.
PARENTCARE identifies the 5 domains of subtle self within every individual, and highlights the human value of Right Conduct, Love, Peace, Truth and Non-Violence associated with each domain. The specific Parenting technique aligned to each domain and value is then identified, and developed.
The program spans over 6 weeks – 3.5 hours per week; and engages Parents in interactive dialogue, role play and eye-opening data; stimulating a shift within Parents for heightened inter-personal skills and relationships relevant at home, to work and in society. As the Parent transforms; the Child transforms. A spontaneous migration of positive energies and values from Parent to Child occurs.
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