Author: Neshandth Nair


SoHam Meditation Workshop – Bandar Klang

29 SSIO members from SSBC Bandar Klang attended the SoHam Meditation Workshop on 12th August 2017. This is the 4th Meditation workshop to be conducted in Bandar Klang within the last 6 years. Many...


Gayathri Chanting Day

Sathya Sai Baba Kepong Unit on 8th August 2017 chanted 108 Gayathri coupled with 20 minutes of SoHam Meditation for a better and more peaceful World on Gayathri Chanting Day. There were 40 SSIO...


SoHam Meditation Workshop – Puchong

31 SSIO members of SSBC Bandar Puchong Jaya attended the SoHam Meditation workshop on 30th July 2017. Many were new to SoHam Meditation. They were attentive, serious seekers and happy to learn the simple...