Visit to Vivekananda Home Rembau, Negeri Sembilan

Weekend rest and catching up with family & friends are always the most important part of today’s life style, one of the mechanisms used for distressing. With all the busy schedule, work, family, friends, entertainment etc. most people forget the orphans. Some donate and leave the care taking to the facilitators. Some and only a very small group spares their time to visit the less fortunate and put a smile on their faces. The Sathya Sai Baba Organization of Nilai put the smile on the faces of 42 odd orphans in Rembau NS. In September 25th 2011, the teachers and parents of the organization took their time off from all their regular activities to visit the orphans at Ramesh Patel Home in Rembau NS.

The journey took about one an half hours from Nilai, with a detour into neighboring town Rantau. The navigator lost the way and some went into wrong route and others manage to get all onto the track. The program was delayed and started with morning tea break. A stretching session begun with the intention of ice breaking among those present. An aerobic kind of session really helped the children to mingle and loosen up. The children, orphans and those from the organization blended well. Caring and sharing was very visible. Six groups of pupil were formed for next activity with number and color code. Musical chair was the first game, to the surprise no chairs was removed as traditional form but at each round Swamy’s teaching was placed on one chair and prohibits sitting. As the last two pupil stands the chair decides the winner.  All the 6 winners were praised and goodies were given.

More and more smile was put on the faces of the present with Poison Box. Some was shying away to do their role but most proved otherwise. They even took the role of others and enjoyed. Mimicry, acting, action, dancing, were part of the poison box. Dancing was the most fun of all role… as one child dance the number adds to two, three, and so on. It didn’t stop with the children, some parents and teachers made it merrier by joining the children and continue dancing.

A unity game was introduced to the teams with parents and teachers as leader and guide. Bundles of straws are to be used to Build A Tallest SAI Tower in Melaka/NS. As the team leaders received the bundles of straw and masking tape, they went their way to build the tower with the team. The six teams were planning strategy and ways to build the tallest tower. A parent decided to revisit the title and the intention of the game. The message was clear to the parent that A TOWER to be build, not six towers. Hence, decided to call all the team leaders and discuss the message and conclude that only one tower is required. It has to be The Tallest SAI Tower; the pupil got their act together to build the tower with total teamwork and single motive. A tallest SAI tower was build. The children learn the importance of teamwork and unity, taking and giving instruction.

The orphan home was started in 2006 with 8 children and it grew to 42 children over the years so does the expenses. Quality activities have been lined up for the children for their balanced growth. Tae Kwon Do and tuition classes are part of it. This is supported by 10 lady staff and some kind hearted souls. The home has to generate about RM10,000.00 to RM12,000.00 a month to support and maintain the increasing number of children.

As always end is inevitable, the program came to an end with more goodies giving and sharing. Both the Sathya Sai Baba Nilai Bhajan Unit and the Homes facilitator Bro Ramesh Patel thanked each other and shared their appreciation. Swamy’s grace and blessing showered the event as the message goes Love All Serve All

By SSE Team of Nilai Bhajan Unit


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